Shapes follow


Nature optimizes rather than maximize

In Nature, every resource is precious and organisms have developed strategies to balance production and consumption, thus reducing energy and space usage.


We took inspiration from the Honeybee Hive and Tree's ramifications to design a space-efficient, modular and light-weight system adaptable any space.


A Living Farming Tree

A stylish indoor garden bringing Nature where you are

The Living Farming Tree uses Aeroponic technology to grow fresh plants 3 times faster and reducing water consumption up to 90% compared to conventional agriculture.


Configure your own indoor garden.


Consume less water and get more nutritious food.


Nature runs on information

Organisms need information to be attuned with the environment

Several organisms send and receive signals to and from other organisms for adapting to a specific environment.

Our Living Farming Tree mimics the same principles:

Monitor and control the growth of your plants.



Get guided to a successful harvest.


Nature rewards cooperation

Be part of the solution for a new Urban Farming Food System

We strive for collaborations with companies that share our vision of creating a new food system where local production is offered as a service. We believe in a future where anybody can access healthy food and reconnect to Nature.

Are you interested in becoming a service provider? Together we can make our food system safer and more sustainable.


Reconnecting people with Nature through Urban Farming


A unique combination to improve indoor environments, building a sense of community among guests and coworkers, opening new possibilities of engagement and unforgettable experiences.



The future of global innovation lies at the intersection of Nature and Technology.

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