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Our wellbeing greatly depends on our connection with Nature

People with access to natural spaces live happier than those without, yet we spend 90% of our time indoors. 


With urban populations conducting a more sedentary life than ever, the quality of the environments where we live is now affecting our health more than dietary habits and physical activity. 


Indoor pollution is today 5 times higher than outdoors, responsible for a significant decrease in working performances and physical well-being.


What is


Our innate human attraction to any living beings

The concept of Biophilia proves that people have a physiological need for connecting to Nature. Our wellbeing, productivity, and societal relationships are directly affected by such a connection. Biophilic Design and Organic Architecture apply these concepts to improve human health inside any interior. 

Hexagro reconnects people to Nature with Biophilic Experiences.


Healthier Society

Making our cities a great place to live and work 

Only 40 seconds of interaction with Nature increase focus and creativity by 6%.​ Incorporating Nature into the built environment represents a unique investment for our health and productivity and gives anyone the opportunity to improve their economic gains.

83% of people feel more productive when working in places containing natural elements.


A Unique Experience

Grow delicious herbs and medicinal plants for the freshest break

Unique wellness experiences customized to any need of your business and location. Our Green Services will guide you towards the most efficient harvest. Choose your favorite herbs and watch them grow in just a few weeks.


A unique gamified experience to access recipes and harvest Medicinal Herb for the freshest and healthiest infusions to improve wellbeing. 


Reconnecting people with Nature through Urban Farming


A unique combination to improve indoor environments, building a sense of community among guests and coworkers, opening new possibilities of engagement and unforgettable experiences.



The future of global innovation lies at the intersection of Nature and Technology.


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