Wellness Increases Productivity 

Only 40 seconds of interaction with Nature increase focus by 6% 

As a growing company, the productivity of a skilled workforce depends on an environment that is engaging and enabling.


There is no point in recruiting young talents if they won't be healthy and focused at work. The issue is no longer hiring the right people but retaining them in an environment that is conducive to productivity.

The Costs of Lacking Nature

The 90% of operating costs goes into Human Resources

Promoting employees' engagement and retention is crucial for a business to be successful in the long run. 

No matter what the role or title, a third of office workers choose to work at a company because of its workplace design and wellness benefits. Satisfied and engaged workers reduce turnover up to 65%


A higher quality of life

Biophilic Design to maximize engagement in the workplace

The Living Farming Tree is a beautiful indoor garden using Vertical Farming Technology to grow Medicinal and Aromatic Herbs for guests and employees.  


Bring Nature where you are to create a healthy working environments, engage visitors, and ultimately grow your business. 


Reconnecting people with Nature through Urban Farming


A unique combination to improve indoor environments, building a sense of community among guests and coworkers, opening new possibilities of engagement and unforgettable experiences.



The future of global innovation lies at the intersection of Nature and Technology.

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