A fresh breeze of Nature

With a stylish

 Indoor Garden

Improve Wellness with

 Healthy Herbs


Connect with Nature

Discover the benefits of

Urban Farming 

The more urbanization grows the more we disconnect from Nature.


We spend on average 90% of our time indoors and the lack of Nature where we live affects our health more than it does our diet or physical activity.


Inspired by Nature

A system providing abundance for everyone?

Taking inspiration from Nature’s strategies to reduce space while maximizing productivity, we have designed a modular system 

mimicking the Honeybee Hives and Tree's ramification to increase the production and access to healthy food and transform any interior 

space into beautiful gardens.


Natural workplace

The freshest experience for your guests and employees

Hexagro Urban Farming works with large and small businesses interested in finding the best solution to bring Nature into their spaces.


Our team will support you to develop the best experience and create exciting natural environments with a service for monitoring and improving wellness, and boost productivity.

Powered by Technology

Modular, scalable and automated

Discover the first automated indoor garden using high-pressure Aeroponics, LED Light for Horticulture and Environmental Sensors for the efficient growth of fresh Medicinal and Aromatic plants any time of the year.


Anyone can grow delicious healthy herbs. 


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